The BEST sounding cars of each engine type: 4 cyl to 12 cyl
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You guys and girls will want to make sure you have volume turned ON for this video... We're ranking the best sounding cars in the world!

With so many cars around these days, you'd think there are loads of awesome sounding cars on our roads, right? Well, you'd be wrong!! With new regulations coming in, so many new cars these days are fitted with particulate filters and soft limiters, and it's devastating to those of you who love a glorious exhaust note!

But thankfully, all's not lost! There are still enough cars out there which sound absolutely epic! So with that in mind, we've ranked our favourite cars from each engine category. So starting with 4 cylinders through to 12 cylinders, this is the definitive video for those of you who love an epic exhaust!

The question is, what's your favourite? And do you disagree with anything in our list? You'll have to let us know in the comments!

Ferrari 812 Superfast v Lambo Aventador SVJ v Porsche 911 Turbo -

Porsche 911 GT3 review -

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  • carwow

    Answer this question: The best sounding car in the world is... ?

    • Rasmus Poulsen
      Rasmus Poulsen

      Porsche Carrera GT

    • Clint2jz

      Jza80 supra big single with a screamer pipe

    • IAD IAH
      IAD IAH

      dc2 b18c

    • Matte Essinger
      Matte Essinger

      Audi S1 5-cyl

    • Alfie Nichols
      Alfie Nichols

      Lambo and Lexus lfa

  • adel ali
    adel ali

    LFA V10 best production car sound ever made.

  • Nasir Ahmed
    Nasir Ahmed

    Hey where’s the mustang GT - IMO the best old school American V8 you can get these days... (especially the bullet one)

  • Recaro Shawn
    Recaro Shawn

    6.2L M156 AMG is the best sounding v8. Change my opinion.

  • Csongor Jobbágy
    Csongor Jobbágy

    Have you listened to the new Maserati ghibli trofeo??? It has a Ferrari v8 and it sound heavenly! In fact I think the dodge is nowhere near as some other v8s but apart from that I agree.

  • Dandank.l#

    C8 sounds way better

  • Kevin Tho
    Kevin Tho

    For me the best sounding car is the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ with the Novitec exhaust. If you haven’t listen to, Shmee and JP Performance have nice videos of that brutal sound (don‘t wanna advertise, just saw videos on these channels). The best V8 sound comes from the Ferrari 458 Speciale. I just love that natural aspirated V8 sound :)

  • Ja Nandez
    Ja Nandez

    Lexus LFA says "Nani???"

  • Dr BarbequeSauce
    Dr BarbequeSauce

    The Audi R8 and Huracan are both seriously lucky you haven't got your hands on a Lexus LFA

  • Maejor Kash
    Maejor Kash

    AMG :( wtf

  • A Dude
    A Dude

    I fully expect *every* I5 to be listed.

  • Aristotelis Tokanidis
    Aristotelis Tokanidis

    Audi and Capra Holm my meatballs Volvo 850 T5R

  • Ajith Rajan
    Ajith Rajan

    Before Aston, you took one Lambo. Woah... that sound makes epic

  • Guido Lamanna
    Guido Lamanna

    The LFA is the best V10 sounding car

  • Chevrolet Motorsport
    Chevrolet Motorsport

    Cheaper the Porsche. Better the sound. That should be their slogan.

  • Fritz Dow
    Fritz Dow

    Ferrari 458 is the best sounding v8. Period.

  • Jane Young
    Jane Young

    Correction Matt, there are 3 v10 cars in production, the r8, the lambo huracan, and the dodge viper

  • jonu jaat
    jonu jaat

    U want sound??? Go for a lambo all day baby

  • SND

    And the winner is... Lexus LFA !

  • k M
    k M

    Lexus LFA's engine 1LR-GUE is the best NA V10 engine. It's made by Yamaha Motor. It must be the highest peak.

  • Mutaal Qureshi
    Mutaal Qureshi

    E63s with a v8.....


    bmw m5 2008 with v10 is ₩😵😵

  • Ntokozo

    You forgot the LFA existed

  • Deniz Useinov
    Deniz Useinov

    You forgot the Nissan GT-R with his V6

  • Maci Balc
    Maci Balc

    There is only one best sounding V10 car Lexus LFA no of the cars in the video can beat it

  • Motor Trip
    Motor Trip

    The Jaguar V6 f-type is by far the greatest sounding V6 engine ever made in history. Wake up, Matt.

  • Владимир Столбун
    Владимир Столбун

    Mat. Where is LFA's v10?🤔

  • Suhail Khan
    Suhail Khan

    Where is the c43, ones of the best sounding V6 cars even with AMG performance exhaust and is nuts once modified.

  • Arfaz Rafi
    Arfaz Rafi

    Supra m4 "hold my beer"

  • BIshal Shakya
    BIshal Shakya

    Subaru WRX STI or the BMW M3 E30 makes way better sound in 4 bangers list And for a 5 banger get a Volvo 850R

  • Abhijith Deepu
    Abhijith Deepu

    The best sounding na v10 = LFA 🙌

  • Nikita Marus
    Nikita Marus


  • Jamdung Vybz
    Jamdung Vybz

    Where da evo? Where da Supra? Where da skyline? Dis makes me sad

  • Eric Min
    Eric Min

    Veloster N should take the cake for best sounding 4-cyl!

  • Gökhan Kaya
    Gökhan Kaya

    O guess Ford Mustang Super Snake is the best one.. pls respect Mustang

  • Noah Blatt
    Noah Blatt

    Ferrari 812 Superfast is the best sounding car ever made

  • Jackson Paul
    Jackson Paul

    Nah, the Shelby GT350 sounds WAY better than the Demon

  • kurt esparon
    kurt esparon

    Too bad no subie or supra

  • Gary Mcavoy
    Gary Mcavoy

    Can you not get past a soft limiter in an auto if your in neutral not park?

  • oyo jr
    oyo jr

    nissan gt-r for 6?

  • Lucian Claudiu Stefan
    Lucian Claudiu Stefan

    No AMG V8 ???? LOL...

  • Aikhan Murat
    Aikhan Murat

    Where is Lexus LFA's V10 ?

  • Andre Stewart
    Andre Stewart

    American V8

    • Andre Stewart
      Andre Stewart

      C8 corvette, 5.0 or Dodge 6.4

  • Comedy Shows
    Comedy Shows

    I think the Lamborghini Urus and the Dodge chellenger did best

  • Feher Alshareif
    Feher Alshareif

    You missed the Lexus RC-F or LC500 for good V8 sounding cars

  • jacob carter
    jacob carter

    Nah 4 cylinder should go to the s2000

  • Ben jamin
    Ben jamin

    Amg gts gtr sound better than the dodge ... the black series is a let down as far as noise

  • Rock Shi
    Rock Shi

    Not better than Porsche, but VQ definitely deserves an honourable mention for 6-cylinder.

  • Mr.Mexi

    Crossplane I4s and V4s from R1s and Penigales are some of the best sounding engines ever. Ik this list is cars only but it would be super cool to see those engine configurations in some production cars instead of just bikes.

  • Motors for the Masses
    Motors for the Masses

    Nope, pretty boring here in 2021. Pathetic regs and their bollocks filters/limiters. I will stick with my '71 Mustang 429 V8 sound ALL DAY LONG.

  • irakli kh
    irakli kh

    Best sounding suv f pace svr , gt - lc 500 . Supercar lfa , sportsedan e63 amg

  • Motors for the Masses
    Motors for the Masses

    The 3 cyl Mini Cooper sounds good!

  • Marco Belingheri
    Marco Belingheri

    Italians do it better

  • Ameer Hamza
    Ameer Hamza

    No one cam Beat Porsche CGT and Lexus LFA

  • xx maxprolegendxx
    xx maxprolegendxx

    Rip the carrera gt and lexus lfa

  • Simaonekkolac Kplac
    Simaonekkolac Kplac

    LFA Is the best sounding car

  • Atharva Vartak
    Atharva Vartak

    Lambo all day , everyday...

  • Brendan Clarkin
    Brendan Clarkin

    Lexus LFA is the king

  • oskar andersson
    oskar andersson

    e60 m5 v10?

  • sizwe nzama
    sizwe nzama

    mat- reviews a dodge v8 demo best sounding V8 car currently on sale Roy from auto trader reviews a mustang gt-500 (aka) the predator and says i have never heard a car that sounds like this ever its like a lion has a toothache me -know who should i go with mmmmmm, thinking i thing Roy is right that mustang gt-500 sounds out of this world.

  • Герман glhf
    Герман glhf

    It is a pity that only modern cars are present in the video. Because lexus LFA has a best sound of V10 engine ever. Maybe even the best among all engines.

  • oliver lulani
    oliver lulani

    What about v8 amg No engine sound better than amgs

  • V.vamshi Krishna
    V.vamshi Krishna

    V8 Sound: GT500 Damn.. they have borla exhaust.. mann.... 🙄🙄

  • Y Mon2x
    Y Mon2x

    v10 only the audi r8 and lambo hurrucan? Where's the lexus lfa???

  • Y Mon2x
    Y Mon2x

    Where's the lexus lga

  • Mercedes Repair
    Mercedes Repair

    Wait the Ford Mustang?

  • Jaeden BSOMG
    Jaeden BSOMG

    I was looking for the Lexus LFA, Pagani Zonda F & Carrera GT

  • IshaQ GT
    IshaQ GT

    Lexus LFA 💯

  • Giorgio

    Lambo All day Every day. Anyway best sound for me is Lambo Murcielago V12 Manual Gated .

  • Lawrence jones
    Lawrence jones

    Mate deffo missed the amg c63 off that list

  • BlitzkriegRap

    I think Mat forgot about Lexus LC 500 when talking about best sounding V8's.

  • Heini Grünbaum
    Heini Grünbaum

    Clearly this video wasn't sponsored by Lexus LCF or LFA

  • xtian.

    Did you just forget about the Abarth 595 for the 4 cylinder category or?

  • Brendan Reilly-Cush
    Brendan Reilly-Cush

    Gtr for 6 cylinder

  • Cameron Taleghani
    Cameron Taleghani

    You forgot the Honda Odyssey

  • ::

    and now: the best sounding electric cars…

  • itz Mason
    itz Mason

    I was thinking this whole time and hoping he’d put the Porsche Carrera GT for v10

  • race proace
    race proace

    u copied to cars tv

  • Mike Mack
    Mike Mack

    Koenigsegg and McLaren sounds the best high pitch cars are annoying

  • Rajpaul Sodhi
    Rajpaul Sodhi

    5.0L Coyote is the best sounding V8 engine

  • 08VaNupe

    Where is the Lexus 5.0 in the LC500, the Ford GT and Corvette

  • Sajmir Dula
    Sajmir Dula

    The best sound Lexus lfa hear it!!

  • ScarderoMusic

    Ferrari 812 Superfast ❤️

  • Radovin Karimi
    Radovin Karimi

    Sam did u ever heard Shelby mustang gt500

  • Life Of Price
    Life Of Price

    the Maserati MC Stradale is slept on

  • Yutoob Isranby WS
    Yutoob Isranby WS

    C63 AMG

  • Ocean Man
    Ocean Man

    Where is the Koenigsegg one cylinder :(

  • Comodo X
    Comodo X

    Can't talking about sound cars without mentioning the Lexus LFA

  • Gabriel Lezli
    Gabriel Lezli

    You forgot the Lexus lfa

  • Tanmay Revankar
    Tanmay Revankar


  • mimimi queweq
    mimimi queweq

    "all 3 cylinders sound shit" - uhmm, Triumph would disagree

    • Phil_Rock [PHLPPRCK]
      Phil_Rock [PHLPPRCK]

      Can’t really compare motorcycle engines to car engines.

  • JJS

    A GT3 over a Guilia exhaust? Yeah, naw. And the LC500 is better than the Dodge, by far. And the old R8 and Huracan over an LFA??? Mat are you asleep at the wheel or what???

  • JJS

    Seeing as "noise" and petrol powered cars are becoming extinct, my next car will be an M2 or M4 with the ever rarer manual; and I'll keep it until I die

  • Robert

    I30N is much better sounding but okay

  • Жорик Владимирович
    Жорик Владимирович

    Where is Maserati V6 & V8

  • Орел Степной
    Орел Степной

    V8 6.3 AMG 💪💪💪the best

  • Finn Priem
    Finn Priem

    lexus lfa

  • Roma Мalai
    Roma Мalai

    Where is Subaru?

  • Tal Botzer
    Tal Botzer

    You forgot the Lexus LFA 😡

  • mackos1412

    A mate of mine had a Rover Sd1 Vitesse, with a custom Rovertec exhaust. It sounded like an earthquake.