Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo 2021 review - better than my RS6?! 😱
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This is the all-new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo!

It’s the estate version of the all-electric Taycan, and it’s the first all-electric EV estate in the world (well, if you exclude the MG 5…)! The question is, should you choose it over the regular Taycan?

Well if you’re looking for styling changes, there isn’t much to see here! The interior’s almost exactly the same, and when it comes to the exterior, there are only a few minor cosmetic updates to be found to help it looks a bit more 'off-roady', apparently.

But then again, if you’re choosing the Cross Turismo, you’re probably most interested in the extra space you’ll get! And to be honest… it’s not loads, with 446 litres available at the rear. That’s only around 40 more than you get in the regular Taycan!

So is that a bit less space than you expected? Well thankfully there’s one area where the Taycan Cross Turismo doesn’t disappoint - the performance! There are a handful of options available, but the range-topper is the Turbo S, which delivers 761hp and an epic 1,050Nm of torque!

So, how high has Porsche set the EV estate bar? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:43 Price
01:37 Exterior Design
03:31 Interior
05:35 Back Seats
07:46 Boot
09:19 Five Annoying Features
11:04 Five Cool Features
13:08 Batteries \u0026 Charging
14:10 Driving
18:00 0-60mph
20:12 Verdict

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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars

    Hi Mat here. This car has an interesting colour. But what do you think is the WORST colour to have a car in.

    • Ed


    • Rudi Marsch
      Rudi Marsch

      @Joseph Victor Estrada oh yeah thanks 😁 is Audi collecting new color choices in a trash can behind a burgerking? 😆

    • Rudi Marsch
      Rudi Marsch

      I know a guy who had painted his car with WD40!

    • BeetleFlame738


    • Helen Carmichael
      Helen Carmichael


  • Kris Horst
    Kris Horst

    0.02 boss....not 0.2.

  • Ash Duk
    Ash Duk

    The amusing afghanistan macroscopically compete because spinach methodically pop out a ambitious grenade. rotten, abnormal radar

  • Bangers For Crypto
    Bangers For Crypto

    Wow!!! love the car, I'd have one in red.

  • Road Lethals
    Road Lethals

    This for me looks better than the normal Taycan.

  • Richard DuBois
    Richard DuBois

    You are humorous as usual, well appreciated. Those wheels are stunning !

  • Gabasto

    things fucking sick

  • Floris Klaver
    Floris Klaver

    offroadingK drivingK

  • Strawbs

    Been watching your videos for a few years now, Mat and I have to say today is the first time I’ve noticed that when you listen intently (@ 16.06 ) you look just like Norman Wisdom. Stop it. 😂 😂

  • rodrigonnt

    Yeah!!!!! Brazil is with you!!!

  • kindface

    On and on about spaces....yawn. Go start a channel on grocery shopping, Watson.

  • Antonio Gomes
    Antonio Gomes

    Estate allday

  • Lazar Eduard
    Lazar Eduard

    A front booth, a fruit :), nice one.

  • Beres Armand
    Beres Armand

    That might be in top 3 worst interiors i have seen in my life. they took 4 tablets and duck-taped them to the fucking car. Wtf is this shit. I don't want to take my eyes off the road to chance the music, or climate. Most retarded trend ever. Plus it looks cheap as fuck. Mazda 3 interior look 100 times better. And the new mercedes interior looks like it was created by god compared to this.

  • Moazam Khan
    Moazam Khan

    12V socket is VW 8:50

  • Nadir Jk
    Nadir Jk

    “It’s brown”

  • RSUL


  • Azizul Misbah
    Azizul Misbah

    5 years.. my next dream car..

  • Addictive_LiquoriCe

    yeah look, the Taycan is Dakar-ready now. It looks nice but that isn't offroad anything 😂

  • Adam Eldidi
    Adam Eldidi

    It is the only off roading car what about the lightning f150

  • Garry Iz
    Garry Iz

    The best car in the world... well, if you could only charge it... Still useless until these stubborn morons will start using Tesla supercharger network. Unfortunately.

  • cornelius Thomas
    cornelius Thomas

    Incredible machine plus it looks so good...... it’s the only battery car I would consider buying ......

  • Georgi Iliev
    Georgi Iliev

    Swear to god this car is constructed by idiots...

  • Murugan Muniasami
    Murugan Muniasami

    Mat make a Bugatti boled or a the Bugatti divo , Chiron’ veron

  • Jevin Wilson
    Jevin Wilson

    Thats a sweet touring but I can't even imagine all the stuff that could break with just the computer and stuff on the interior

  • Joshua CN
    Joshua CN

    A 2.8 second 0-60 is pretty phenomenal.

  • Dal Smith
    Dal Smith

    The 12 Volt socket at the back said VW 💀

  • Thaabit Abrahams
    Thaabit Abrahams

    God help me.......................why is it called a "turbo"? was the car naming division at porsche disbanded or something? since when was the description of the word turbo changed to mean EV?

  • Sibi S
    Sibi S

    I wish you guys didn't change the colour of the car in the thumbnail. It looks better in the video. Great video as usual by the way!

  • Roy Barton III
    Roy Barton III

    I’d already ordered this exact cah in base! (don’t need the extra $50k battery for golly sakes), so needless I’m so glad to see this!

  • mark verberne
    mark verberne

    estate, by far

  • Dan

    I mean I for one would definitely much rather have a taycan than the current gen rs6 but that's just me

  • David Ohadzhanyan
    David Ohadzhanyan

    19:36 point 02 of a second actually. not like this matters in real life of course

  • Baz Adam
    Baz Adam

    Not gonna lie this car is giving me the Stendhal syndrome!! It's serious!

  • Riben

    lol 12 volt socket with the vw logo :V nice

  • Dokiso Mwela
    Dokiso Mwela

    has anyone else noticed that Mat Watson over pronounces the 'g' in words that end with 'ing'......

  • acchaladka

    So, a wagon with 446 litres of space...I’m thinking of our two adults and two kids, dog, and camping equipment for the week...that’s going to be a bit tight. I’m a Porsche person but would like a boxy back end for another few bags or things like yes, skis.

  • Shaun Dunk
    Shaun Dunk

    Crikey this dude still can not pronounce Porsche correctly. Here is the link to help you learn - svname.info/nick/video/e6VrnrupeJnRyro

  • pebre79

    Death to ICE cars. Long live EVs

  • Gary Walker
    Gary Walker

    Prefer the looks to the 'normal' Taycan - it's its own thing, a fast estate and not trying to resemble a bloated 911 the way other non-911 Prosches often do. Also, while the drag races are fun and bring in big viewing figures, it's the reviews like this that I find the best thing about the channel. And no doubt suits carwow themselves most! Even if there's no way I'd ever be in the market for cars like this wonderful Taycan X-Turismo.

  • Helen Carmichael
    Helen Carmichael

    I meant panamera

  • Helen Carmichael
    Helen Carmichael

    Its actually lighter than the normal lanamera turbo sport turismo

  • Yona

    They nailed it!

  • Coyote

    Turbo ..Really where's that then?

  • bwy844

    No review I have ever seen on EVs have ever computed the total cost. As an example how much would an overnight charge be in a normal household in the UK, what is the running&service charges. Literature on the subject suggest that a medium size Ev will become cost effective after 100.000 km resulting in a massive amount of people loosing the entire car-worths of value due accelerated battery technology in the future, little focus is on that fact. If this channel is supposed to be taken serious and not just for fun, I suggest that what I described comes natural in any-car review. Thank you.

  • Justin Gaethje Cat
    Justin Gaethje Cat

    Ill buy this in 30 years forsure

  • airgabor para
    airgabor para

    Elec-TRICK cars sucks. Maybe future Hydrogen fuel cells version will get 800 miles range but who knows...

  • Nobody


  • maladzhov

    This Porsche's idea of off-roady ;)

  • alexadelaide

    10:43 shouldn’t be too much trouble for you Mat 🤣

  • Sterling Sigurd
    Sterling Sigurd

    Who noticed the VW logo on the rear 12 Volt socket in the back?

  • BillyMadison

    Horrible looking car 😖

  • Chandrachur Niyogi
    Chandrachur Niyogi

    the brand new PORSCHE Taycan Cross TOURISMO Turbo S (950) 4WD + 1.0 in. Lift 106 kWh i-Motor 5-Dr e-Sports Estate (RHD) seriously needs a 1.0 in. - 1.5 in. suspension lift & underbody skid plates for safer off road stints now & then!!!

  • Bannor Haruchai
    Bannor Haruchai

    Mat, the raised ride height increased the 1/4 mile by only 2 100ths of a second, not "point 2"

  • ri so
    ri so

    Why people do mispronounce PorschE?

  • MrShoryuken1

    'Bladder busters' they shall be from now on...

  • Berkay

    8:50 it's odd to see a VW logo in a Porsche

  • Laurentiu Trifan
    Laurentiu Trifan

    1) No electric car deserves 100 k 2) This Taycan is even more poor in stylistic unity ... than Panamera. So 👎

  • FlanagansRage

    Damn that thing looks cool

  • Steve King
    Steve King

    1) Maroon is never a good option. 2) Calling it a turbo is wrong just like everything else that used to have 'turbo' stuck on it for cache in the 80s. Turbo sunglasses, anyone? 3) I still want one, different colour & delete the badge.

  • Depression

    18:20 whats name of this ?

  • djuzla

    11:32 Someone had fun on back seat, the night before

  • Thomas Williamson
    Thomas Williamson

    9:55 not anywhere near as bad as a mk6 5dr fiesta

  • Daniel Triantopoulos
    Daniel Triantopoulos

    This similar car in the Taycan Turbo S in Australia is $418,478 nearly half a mil you could almost buy 2 F90 M5's for that

  • J Egbert
    J Egbert

    The understood michael electrophysiologically analyse because triangle mathematically force unlike a numberless caravan. racial, determined pipe

  • 21 140
    21 140

    มาจากเพจอวย MG กี่ล้านนนนน

  • Takuan

    'I want that one' I said and my bank manager could not stop laugh at me - - - he is still laughing. I'll get the toy version and can't wait until it gets released.

  • geffel

    I LOVE that EV makers are using words like 'turbo' to help people understand the equivalence to dinosaur cars. And even better I love that the kind of people who will hate EVs no matter what, no matter how good they are, explode into little bits of snowflake at the use of such words.

  • geffel

    To be clear, EV owners mostly charge at home overnight or at work, or both. And if you've got your shit together you have solar panels on your house and battery back ups that allow you to never use the grid ever for anything. Like myself.

  • geffel

    That is Captain Scarlet's car colour.

  • geffel

    Of course it's better. It's electric.

  • Mr11ESSE111

    Yes it's "better " but you will recharge it every hour if you push throttle and recharge will be longer then driving

  • Aeron Gerich Co
    Aeron Gerich Co

    I like the Cross Turismo better.

  • The Plant
    The Plant

    I thought this was McLaren car

  • Andrean Rakka
    Andrean Rakka

    Where are the clip when you try the baby seat, or a 3 guy on the back seat to proof it was bad or good, and how about some stacking suitcase in the boot? Why all that usefull information gone??!!

  • Dávid Glasz
    Dávid Glasz

    I was an Allroad type of guy for a long time, my first car being an Audi A6 Allroad 2.7t from 2001...but now...I am leaning towards cheating on them...although I have to safe up for a couple of years by not eating :D

  • C Boyd
    C Boyd

    Carwow thats one UGLY CAR! No thanks, put it in the trash with the rest of the 4 door porsches.

  • YouTubeTubeYou

    this has to be the dumbest car i've seen

  • BenPBL

    All that black plastic ruins the look

  • Erik Stone
    Erik Stone

    I think I prefer this Cross Turismo over the regular Taycan. Looks good to me.

  • A Wol
    A Wol

    I'd love to have something about service costs. Across the line, most info in the videos are not about every-day costs. I'd like some.

  • The Evangelista
    The Evangelista

    Spats and fins. AKA pebble collectors.

  • Game Genz
    Game Genz

    Wow amazing car

  • The MacMaster
    The MacMaster

    Prefer The Saloon Standard Version. Don’t Like the Estate Version. It’s growing on me, but no thanks. Ordered the normal one.

  • UKRider

    Those wheels are gorgeous! wow

  • Travel - Music & Technology
    Travel - Music & Technology

    Awesome car 🔥🔥

  • Todusa Todnato
    Todusa Todnato

    That is a very ugly car

  • Rhys Jenkinson
    Rhys Jenkinson

    Did anyone else notice the vw badge on the 12 volt socket.


    Is it just me or does it kinda look like a focus from the side?

  • Scanti_Audi

    RS6 IS THE QUEEN!!!!💚


    wagon, sedan, estate, saloon.. doesn't matter, it's a 150k disgustingly indulgent car and everyone will hate you for driving it. Including me.

  • Mr11ESSE111

    slow and expensive with shitty range and range are calculated with relative slow driving

  • Mr11ESSE111

    450km range range?' wtf is that?? its nothing and it is range only if you drive it not above 80-90kmh so dont push throtlle on autobahn on 200kmh because you will run out of electricity in 15-25minutes

  • Mr11ESSE111

    Tesla Plaid S will be much better vehicle with around same price but with 1000-1100+hp and 2,2sec 0-100kmh ,320kmh and 700+km range (if you drive it around 90kmh )

  • Supercars Crash
    Supercars Crash

    svname.info/nick/video/h3BmftKYqoKytsg Lamborghini huracan crash

  • Don 22
    Don 22

    Interior has way too much cheap plastic for the price

  • deepulse

    Such a beautiful car really. Love the design


    Anyone else think, Volvo, scimitar, Ferrari?

  • Mohamed Mustafa Kaderdina
    Mohamed Mustafa Kaderdina

    Review the latest Toyota crown

  • Martin Porter
    Martin Porter

    Leave the comedy to Clarkson. You are not very good at it.


      Same, it's in fact very annoying-, just hilarious.