Nissan GT-R NISMO v Audi RS6 v Panamera Turbo S: DRAG RACE
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Thanks to CS Panda for lending us their NISMO!

You know what time it is… Epic drag race time!! Mat’s in the Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid, and he’s lining up against a Nissan GT-R NISMO \u0026 an Audi RS6!

So how do they compare on paper? Well with a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 coupled with an electric motor, the Porsche is the most powerful car here, with the ability to put down 700hp \u0026 870Nm of torque! On the far end, the Audi RS6 is powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 which can produce 600hp \u0026 800Nm.

Then we come to the GT-R NISMO. Technically it’s the least powerful car here, as it can ‘only’ produce 600hp \u0026 650Nm from its 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6. However, it has one key advantage over the Panamera \u0026 RS6… It’s a whole lot lighter! Coming in at 1,745kg, it’s almost 600kg lighter than the Porsche!

Will such a difference in KG be enough to power the NISMO to victory? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars

    Hey everyone. Can you guess which car I have replaced the RS6 with?

    • Cody Lewis
      Cody Lewis

      @Mat Watson Cars so I looked, but can’t find it. What car did you get? I’m assuming the Porsche because they are just the best

    • The Browns
      The Browns

      1994 corsa limited edition

    • Norma Norma
      Norma Norma

      Tesla model S

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan

      @Kuchh bhi or FIAT 500R?

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan

      Veyron Super Sport 2009.

  • _ oAngxL
    _ oAngxL

    every single car in 2021 when they rev its just farting

  • Adam X
    Adam X

    GT-R ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Deki S
    Deki S

    This is a great channel, but what I don't like about it is your lack of feel for cars you are driving. You just watch the car next to you, but we never hear any comment about the car you are driving. The focus is on the race only. Also the rolling race always starts in normal mode, that's weird too.

  • HDBassMusic

    When i saw the title and thumbnail i clicked faster than the speed of light😂

  • Keith Cunningham
    Keith Cunningham

    Love the drag races. The weight of these cars does though make me wonder if downhill on a steep skinny mountain road they could lose a capable driver in a transit.

  • Алексей С
    Алексей С

    Rs6 very slow

  • D.B.

    Soft limiters are just so pathetic

  • D.B.

    Cool race... but wouldn’t buy any of these as I feel there are better options if you’re spending this kinda cash :)

  • Chkhito

    4:50 "..and here he goes now" 😂

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan

    The GTR R35 is AMAZING to do drag races against the big boys.

  • J Egbert
    J Egbert

    The understood baboon ordinarily drop because horn unintentionally arrive round a historical pie. fallacious, one test

  • 1063ghost

    Topspeed go to Porsche

  • Alex Corti
    Alex Corti

    All the Carlow team seem to be getting better at launching the times are just going down and down

  • Irfaan Majiet
    Irfaan Majiet

    That's 186 mph on the Porsche 👀 not 191 mph

  • Piero

    Mad respect for the Audi

  • nakre15

    like some people before me mentioned, it is awsome to see the GTR still playing around even launched in 2008. Yes it is been upgraded but.. still same car and drivetraind :D!

  • Toe Cutter
    Toe Cutter

    Skip to 3.20 for race. or you can listen to mat talking shit .

  • Marcel K
    Marcel K


  • Star light
    Star light

    Wow GTR is still the King , hard to beat

  • Aaron Oswald
    Aaron Oswald

    Do a dragrace with ABT RS-6 R


    How to start a war? Damn, 150k GTR lost to a 140k 4 door Porsche. And all these fanboys commenting how well it lost to the cheaper and more practical car.

  • sd fd
    sd fd

    The auspicious oyster largely measure because crocus allegedly race beside a placid quicksand. diligent, adaptable rainstorm

  • Kleon Causapin
    Kleon Causapin

    Porche Panamera turbo e hybrid vs bmw M5 competition

  • Mairis Berzins
    Mairis Berzins

    AUDI!! 🤝

  • DADO

    To think that my neighbour have the same engine as Nissan gtr in Renault Espace is just insane, belive me it's even sound's better.

  • Josh Leffel
    Josh Leffel

    Can you get a suped out dodge viper

  • It'sYaBotBoi

    I think Godzilla is getting old, still good tho

  • Dayat Hidayat
    Dayat Hidayat

    Nismo 😍😍

  • Doctor Lawrence scoggings
    Doctor Lawrence scoggings

    I love the Nissan GT-R nismo

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P

    Pronounce Porche right ffs.

  • Woody Wood
    Woody Wood

    Hundred and fifty grand? You’re havin’ a giraffe. Whatever happened to the time when the Nissan GTR was an affordable alternative to a supercar?

  • Fatboy Fat
    Fatboy Fat

    A man who will never grow up. A mammy boy.

  • ColdBoltz


  • Cars 4 Kurd
    Cars 4 Kurd

    JDM samurai GTR😁👌

  • Stephen Ferguson
    Stephen Ferguson

    Matt, Love ur drag posts, what about a drag race with; VR6 Golf, Mk4 R32, Mk5 R32, Mk6 R, Mk7 R & Mk8 R👍👍👍👍

  • Acutard

    Mat, the fact that you own a RS6 and leave it completely original is actualy a suprise to me. May I suggest, that you tune it to 1100hp, 1000Nm+, and make it the car to beat.

  • john hansen
    john hansen

    Stop saying audi has 600hp! It only has 591hp!

  • wowsdrawkcab

    Stacy Abrams gets an add on here and Steven Crowder is banned from the platform... Still in polotics.

  • Qatar airways airbus a350 Motors
    Qatar airways airbus a350 Motors

    0:40 8 speed pdk you meant

  • Pedro García noblejas
    Pedro García noblejas

    How the gtr nismo brakes so bad with 500kg less than the others?

  • Cor Ludema
    Cor Ludema

    About to skip to the race part when I heard you say sitting... don’t do that ever again

  • Abdullah Atif
    Abdullah Atif


  • Brad Kalman
    Brad Kalman

    Believe it or not I think the new ones faster with the same amount of horsepower cuz I did a lot of revision on it s suspension and everything.

  • Lucca Dornellas
    Lucca Dornellas

    That Panamera looks much like a State (Taycan Cross Turismo) than what it should be described as a Sedan

  • darkskull

    That Porsche is insane

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    Quick is not the same as fast

  • Tahir Budhai
    Tahir Budhai

    Would love to see a 718 gts 4.0 drag race

    • Chase Sutherland
      Chase Sutherland

      718 would get crushed in a drag race. It's not what it was made for

  • Jose

    So… a heavy family car smoked a GT-R Nismo? Interesting…

  • Я И БАЛ
    Я И БАЛ


  • Паша Громов
    Паша Громов



    My golf 5+ beat this nissan.

  • Hermann Alios
    Hermann Alios


  • Carbon FiberC6
    Carbon FiberC6

    Annnnnnnnd the Porsche 911 Turbo S would have been even quicker than those !!!

  • N4CR

    You'll make better conclusions with MPH and time.. time alone is almost useless to compare vehicles.

  • Chase Sutherland
    Chase Sutherland

    Why are so many people impressed with the most expensive gtr beating two family saloons?

  • mterwill9

    Good lord that Porsche weighs a half ton more than my F-150.

  • andre postma
    andre postma

    Audi is 🤮

  • David Mkhuleko Ndlovu
    David Mkhuleko Ndlovu

    Audi all the way 🔞

  • Gregory Latty
    Gregory Latty

    All sweet cars. But give me the RS6 plus the 45k difference from the Porsche any day

  • Nytron

    The GTR is largely unchanged since 2007, which had an MSRP back then of $69k. This Porsche is $192k. The Porsche didn't win anything, this video just proves how ahead of the time the GTR is/was.

  • Noah Hartshorne
    Noah Hartshorne

    What is it? The Porsche Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid? What a tongue twister!

  • Josue Ayala
    Josue Ayala

    That rs6 always getting dropped lol

  • Rohil Kapur
    Rohil Kapur

    pls put these new panameras against the m5 and e63

  • Khal Sida
    Khal Sida

    Is there a gtr that actually won, in your videos?

  • Gary Moseley
    Gary Moseley

    The braking test is always the one most open to subtle cheating/early reactions.... I personally don't see how the GTR lost that one? It's f**kin loads lighter and has great brakes!

  • Dusan Bakic
    Dusan Bakic

    Gt black series

  • Da Mo
    Da Mo

    GT-R ❤️

  • coolemonnen met skillzzz
    coolemonnen met skillzzz

    why loves everybody the audi it is so weak standard

  • Gaurav Devrani
    Gaurav Devrani

    Wow....the car that used to rival every sportscar and some hypercars(0-60 only) in terms of sheer acceleration and mad launch off the line is now getting beaten by a high performance sports sedan and a high performance sports wagon....feels really bad coz GT-R is the name that used to rival the fastest Lambos and Ferraris/Mclaren's is now struggling to beat high performance sedans and wagons.....which shows it's high time that Nissan does something new with the GT-R....maybe redesign it keeping the GT-R look and give it around 750 HP plus some hybrid stuff...coz even M5s get around 600+ HP and this Panamera get's 700 which means Nissan seriously needs to do something with the GT-R or it's dead.

    • Alice david
      Alice david

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  • Ali Fiki
    Ali Fiki


  • Najim Latif
    Najim Latif

    The new panamera looks so amazing 🤯

  • Michael willis
    Michael willis

    Hi mat Watson with another VAG promotion.Please click like as I won’t get paid.

    • Alice david
      Alice david

      When your profits are ready you make a withdrawal to your bitcoin wallet account or bank account, then you pay me 10 %commissions

  • Alpha_Kralle

    Lets see which of these cars is the least slower than a Tesla! :)

  • Bobby G
    Bobby G

    Some say that Mat lives in a tent beside this airstrip

  • Tristan03

    Remember the time in 2016when the RS6 still sounded amazing. So sad😭

    • Chase Sutherland
      Chase Sutherland

      European regulations for sound are trash.

  • Abdullah AlJaber
    Abdullah AlJaber

    "I am sitting"??? Where's "I'm sat?

  • Hamay Hasany
    Hamay Hasany

    With 3.8 engine GTR is a king really 💜

  • Ghost_lee Gaming
    Ghost_lee Gaming

    rip rs6

  • scfog90

    I remember times when you could buy a GT-R for under 80.000$ new

  • ForcesNL

    God I wished Jeremy Clarkson would step out of that GTR and go llllllooossseerrr. You lost. Lllllllloooseeeerrr, loooossseerrrr. Hahaha. You cheeky Math with your 100hp advantage.

  • o flash 1098
    o flash 1098

    My mate just broke his gtr silly thing big money when they go wrong hes had a bill for just under 7 grand and how it needs brake discs and pads big power big bills 🤙😂😂

  • Morsel Rafez
    Morsel Rafez

    This is a cheat to Audi. With 150,000 pounds I could have got the R8 v10 plus and destroyed the Porsche and Nissan.

    • Bns Bless
      Bns Bless

      They are shite

  • Gupreet Singh
    Gupreet Singh

    Here I miss bmw m5 v 10

  • justin s.
    justin s.

    They always put up the gtr against either a porsche turbo s or Them four door sedans Lol

  • இராவண முகம்மது
    இராவண முகம்மது

    Fuck fake. Up to 300kmph gtr is the fastest vehicle on the planet

    • Lel Olson
      Lel Olson

      What ? I hope thats a joke haha

  • HUNGER for marvel GAMES
    HUNGER for marvel GAMES

    Tbh noone really knows what kinda tires are being used here grip plays a massive role on the overall performance of the cars for instance if the gtr and Porsches wheel aren't suited to the track but the Audi's is the race would be a lot different and counts like that for all 3 of them really

  • S s
    S s

    We all secretly want the GTR to win, we know the Porsche will win all day but we would all have the RS6 based on price versus a second slower😁😅🤣

  • Paravantos

    The GTR plan started in 2003 and entered in production when ? 2007 Which cars is being compared to today? Yes. Those! Does it stands up to them? Does it outruns most of them on track and drag strip ? Yes, therefore the GTR in the grand scheme of the automotive performance landscape is the better car than the Porsche hybrid or electric one. The GTR made Porsche and supercars to go back to the drawing board and set the standard for under 3 second 0-60 times in the super car segment. It makes me remember when Ferrari engineers said that the GTRs feat is impossible and they cannot understand how they built such a physics-defying car.

    • Chase Sutherland
      Chase Sutherland

      The year following the gtr release porsche introduced the pdk transmission which put them back on top. And the pdk was in development before the gtr was released

  • Izac T
    Izac T

    Did Mat just say I'm sitting instead of I am sat🤣I'm used to hearing him saying I am sat

  • Pascal Momper - Filmmaker
    Pascal Momper - Filmmaker

    Race starts at 3:17

  • skatecm1

    Gtr is the best 💪. Though ill never be able to afford one 😔

    • Chase Sutherland
      Chase Sutherland

      911 is a better overall package. Gtr is great but it feels fat in comparison.

  • Denis Coenegracht
    Denis Coenegracht

    Since the electric car, « light is not right » 😂😂

  • Markus Thuresson
    Markus Thuresson

    Love these drag races 🙌

  • Your Fan
    Your Fan

    GT-R most overhyped pos in the history of cars next to Tesla p90d.

  • patrick nsakalimba
    patrick nsakalimba

    Please race the 2021 GLS63?? 😢

  • Deadshot Marvel
    Deadshot Marvel

    When will Bugati be in or koenisegg drag race?

  • emre deli
    emre deli

    why gtr sounded like a big pile of crap? what is happening?

  • My Profile
    My Profile

    Honda NSX have 10.8

  • Z W
    Z W

    Stop humiliated that GTR :'(