BMW 128ti v VW Golf GTI - review & 0-60mph, 1/4-mile and brake comparison!
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In the market for a new hot hatch but don’t want to break the bank? Then this is just the video for you… BMW 128ti vs VW Golf GTI!

BMW has clearly set its sights on the Golf GTI, aiming to beat VW at their own game with their own, all-new FWD performance hatchback. The question is, does the new 128ti offer enough to lead you away from the class-leading Golf GTI?

Well, we’re here to find out! Mat’s going to run you through everything you need to know about this everyday performance cars - from their price and looks through to their interiors \u0026 0-60mph times, it’s time to find out which is the perfect FWD hot hatch for you!

The only question left is - which do you prefer? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

00:00 Intro
00:34 Price
01:34 Exterior Design
02:49 Interior
06:47 Back Seats
08:05 Boot
09:40 Hot Hatch Comparisons
11:49 Engines \u0026 0-60mph
14:03 Brake Test
15:29 128ti Driving
17:33 Golf GTI Driving
19:40 Verdict

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  • carwow

    So, which are you choosing? VOTE BELOW!

    • Colin Brown
      Colin Brown

      Vote 128ti

    • Rodrigo Luka
      Rodrigo Luka

      @Graysen Konnor Yea, have been watching on flixzone for since december myself :)

    • Graysen Konnor
      Graysen Konnor

      pro tip: you can watch series at Flixzone. I've been using them for watching lots of of movies recently.

    • RickHunter

      BMW ... the 128 ti is a little monster

    • latifa F
      latifa F

      BMW 128ti

  • P K
    P K

    The grill on the bmw is just ugly at this point.

  • Daniel O'Brien
    Daniel O'Brien

    Do either of the cars have heated seats?

  • Raizen

    Cant devide which is uglier

  • DoplerE

    The BMW Ti Decal is peeling off

  • Supercars Crash
    Supercars Crash Lamborghini huracan crash

  • Merkuriusz

    I don't like the way BMW is going nowadays, ugly cars, low performance, became shitty brand. Such a shame...

  • Samkelo J Magudulela
    Samkelo J Magudulela

    Does anyone else despise the new steering wheel shape and infotainment system and headlight controls. I think VW should go back to the drawing board with this. The 7.5 generation is better.

  • Rich Gill
    Rich Gill

    There's a reason that manuals aren't as available anymore, hardly anyone buys them, they lead to slower cars, they use more fuel and are essentially dead tech.

  • Andy Wong
    Andy Wong

    Thanks for highlighting the issue on the wet foot on the brakes! Small thinker but a big safety note...always like your show even though many fabulous cars are not available in my country.

  • Koketso Bosman
    Koketso Bosman

    I still believe that Mat is a BMW fanboy 😅😅😅

  • rascalk1ng

    Trying to get a test drive of a 128 ti at the moment as a replacement to my beloved 125d. Hopefully the 5 door doesn't cramp shoulder space like the F20 did, (f21 is fine because of the longer doors)

  • Parvinder Mander
    Parvinder Mander

    The golf looks better but interior quality is rubbish and cheap looking

  • Stefan V
    Stefan V

    Somebody once said : " One is brilliant in every way, and the other tried to kill me'' :)

    • Stefan V
      Stefan V

      @Josh Street Yep

    • Josh Street
      Josh Street

      That was for the old M135i if it’s the person I’m thinking it would be

  • Neyos Zikalala
    Neyos Zikalala

    Matt , you always test a BMW when its raining . I've been watching all your videos and when you test a BMW you always test it when its raining .. Why is that?

  • lilaormen

    i really want to see a saab on this channel pls any saab but i can recomend saab 9-7x v8 its fast

  • Welile Hlope
    Welile Hlope

    You should have added the Yaris GTR in this one Matt

  • wreckinball11

    With all the complexity the VW 0-60 is about 55 seconds.

  • Ian Clancy
    Ian Clancy

    It’s sad that an MK6 GTI has a higher quality interior than an MK8. No cheap plastic to be found anywhere and even the door bins and glove box are lined with felt or carpeting.

  • J T
    J T

    lol in first few min you can see the sticker peeling off on the TI

  • Luke Sullivan
    Luke Sullivan

    So the BMW is better looking, better performing, better made, just as practical AND cheaper... But the GTI is better at being a normal Golf (with adaptive dampers) than the 128 is at being a normal 1-Series. Yeah, you lost VW.

  • Joseph Chapman
    Joseph Chapman

    Jetta gli is better

  • Leon Rajgopaul
    Leon Rajgopaul

    Iam very disappointed in vw mk 7 is better than the mk 8

  • sprinter1313


  • BenPBL

    These German hot hatches are getting ugly

  • Simon

    No way is that fugly front end on the BM better looking.

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy

    I won't buy a BMW again. 3-4 failures within 50k km. Rotten air conditioning radiator. Fuel injector to be replaced. Main computer to be replaced. And possibly beginning of failure of valvetronic now. Now I think it's a piece of junk.

  • Valery Mironenko
    Valery Mironenko


  • Roger James
    Roger James

    M2 best car

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson

    Both of these cars a PIG ugly imho. Wouldnt be seen dead owning either of them. What is happening to car design these days.

  • yugenvia singgih
    yugenvia singgih

    need to see which car can store nuclear warhead in the back

  • Péter Lavotha
    Péter Lavotha

    Front wheel drive BMW... That's some b.s... I thought the destruction would end with the 2 active tourer... But RIP BMW... You had some good stuff going.

  • axe693axe

    Touch controls on steering wheels AND in general can Burn in Hell for all eternity.

  • S Bland
    S Bland

    That BMW is the most horrible, pig ugly thing I've ever seen!! For crying out loud, someone give it mask!! Despite the Golf MK8 being a cheapened version of the previous MK7.5 (which was superb - far better than A3/bmw/Merc - as shown in Mat's video) the Golf is still more premium than the BMW (I've sat in them both) and it's definitely worth the extra £2,000 over the BMW.

  • Bruno Lorenzo
    Bruno Lorenzo

    Shame on you VW. This new generation of the Golf is a total disappointment... Being a fan, I feel sooo sorry.

  • Formulka

    BMW fanboy picks BMW what a surprise

  • TheFreakonhell

    Or in other words: Except for the available adaptive dampers, there's nothing better in the VW. "shocking"

  • Raeggae Gandalf
    Raeggae Gandalf

    The ugliest german "hot" hatches in decades. Shame...

  • Lehlogonolo Mphahlele
    Lehlogonolo Mphahlele

    😭😭😭😭new kia carnivall

  • Max Harris
    Max Harris

    We love the 128ti so much, we bought one. It's just a fabulous driver's car.

  • AlessandroTheGreek

    Where is the 1/4 mile Part?

  • Fergus Doyle
    Fergus Doyle

    Would love to see these two and the new Cupra Leon 300 go head to head

  • Paul Coleman
    Paul Coleman

    Ordered my 128Ti few weeks ago ‘minus the red lipstick’ can’t wait for delivery. Test drove it against m135i and the Ti was just more fun to drive 👍

  • Shyir

    Wiping your foot on the mat(t- hihihihih) is actually really good advice. Had a few scares myself in the past!

  • EP— Uncut
    EP— Uncut

    VW is going downhill. I have a mk7.5 tcr, and it's much better quality than the mk8. Dieselgate ruined their finances I think, even the service quality is bad...

  • R M G
    R M G

    The front grill on the bmw has the shape of a babuin backend.

  • nik zulfadhli
    nik zulfadhli

    pray for our fellow brothers in Palestine !🙏🏻

  • Filip Knežević
    Filip Knežević

    That was kinda slow... I thought GTI should have bellow 5 sec 0-60. My Golf R does 0-60 in 4.2 sec...

  • Benjatainment

    Remember the postcode Mat😉 4:38

  • Utred Bee
    Utred Bee

    Wet Metallic Brakes - great advice from Mat. Lots of sporty cars have metal pedals and they are lethal in the wet. I've had many a slip in the past. Drying your shoes before you drive is a great Top Gear Top Tip from Mat. Or perhaps I should say a Car Wow How ... er .. I can't think of a punchy term here. Anyway, I dry my shoes if its been raining and before I drive my metal shod Alfa.

  • Ben

    matt cant count !! 16 different suspension settings on active dampers on the gti

  • Voll Care
    Voll Care

    Don’t like the Golf 8 for its looks, but this 1series front is even worse

  • J G
    J G

    Please lads don’t take your car to evolve complete rip-off 🙏🏽


    Where can I buy it

  • Christian James TAN
    Christian James TAN

    But what if you want a manual???

  • Diego Mendi
    Diego Mendi

    Scariest cover since Travolta’s / Cage’s Face Off

  • vbogdanp Vbogdanp
    vbogdanp Vbogdanp

    The 128ti is way more expensive than the gti here in Luxembourg. 🥲😵‍💫

  • Yuung Papi
    Yuung Papi

    how bout 135i?

  • solid7nab

    The interior of the new GTI looks so cheap and low cost - I had the MK7 GTD which was miles better. Take the gear stick for example; terrible design

  • Jim Munro
    Jim Munro

    Vw have gone Cheap look no thank

  • Tudor Ceapraz
    Tudor Ceapraz

    Mk5 Golf Gti is still the best looking, imo. Why do they downgrade the looks ?

  • Jim Munro
    Jim Munro

    Seem rain alot on your show yay if your a fish

  • GreenStorm01

    Yes! Beemer!

  • Edwin van der Velden
    Edwin van der Velden

    Nice pants!

  • Harkmannah

    Matt. Well done on picking up in the integrated headrests of the Golf. It’s the main reason for not buying the car for me with kids in the back. Also, they can’t fit their iPads to the back of the headrest when it’s integrated

  • 0brand 0brand
    0brand 0brand

    That brake pedal issue is no joke. Huge oversight by VW. The 128ti has been consistently hyped by the motoring press, and the motoring press has always had a soft spot for the GTI, so the Beemer must be pretty good. I’d get one for the wife in black but really it would be for me when I don’t need my larger touring.

  • Checkmate025

    For all these Gti's flashy-look-at-me-cars, a 0-60 in more than 5 seconds is very disappointing. It should all be under 4,99 seconds. That is the territory they should be at.

  • Ahmet SAYGIN
    Ahmet SAYGIN

    Saying “ I have a Golf “ is embarressing so BMW 1.28 ti is much better and cheaper 👍

  • Darren James
    Darren James

    Matt, could you do a video for used cars? Like if were buying used vehicles? Like a video reviewing all everyday suvs, or all everyday estates and things like budget used cars Like skoda, hyundai, seat, etc etc? I'll leave the specifics for you to chose but just an idea.

  • Waleed Al-Rabbani
    Waleed Al-Rabbani

    Not usually a BMW fan but I do like the design of this car

  • Max __
    Max __

    GTI for me

  • Clg Fps
    Clg Fps

    Would get the 128i but what’s with the red accents they’re awful imo

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright

    I’d still have the Golf GTi perhaps with the performance pack on it or the full fat ‘R’. I just don’t like the looks of the BMW and the brand in general.

  • Raul Horj
    Raul Horj

    BMW fan !!!

  • Engage RC
    Engage RC

    Did i miss the 1/4 mile testing?

  • test1uci

    Those two cars are so boring, just stitchinging here and there, everything is fake and just looks. I feel like they comming from aliexpress.

  • jamiewalton666

    I bought my 128 ti in february same colours as this but with the upgraded 19inch wheels. What an amazing car it is.

  • strngr clothing company
    strngr clothing company

    abarth best hot hatch

  • fedegta

    The preview is displaying the prince Frog and Fiona from Shrek. Horrible the design of both.

  • Tom Oliveri
    Tom Oliveri

    Really overdoing it with the carwow ads here

  • Martijn

    Brand new TI but the ti sticker on the skirt is already coming loose. *facepalm*

  • Scott From England
    Scott From England

    Do all yourself a a favour 😊 go & buy a pre-owned *M140* 😜

    • jamiewalton666

      I just traded in my Mineral Grey M140i for my new 128ti, loved the M140 but the 128 is the better car, not as fast but better handling hands down and the interior quality is so much better its on a completely new level. No regrets at all and believe me the 128 is plenty fast enough on British roads and is so fun to drive. BMW have got the handling absolutely bang on.

  • wird klap
    wird klap


  • wird klap
    wird klap

    Their fronts both look like frogs

  • chimaeraSPK

    BMW should have brought that hatch to America instead of the ugly Gran Coupe nonsense.

  • R t J
    R t J

    Both ugly AF

  • Gee Tarz
    Gee Tarz

    BMW continuing their design journey of badly copying Hyundai 🤦‍♂️

  • dolemite786

    Who prefers the aesthetic of the older golf? The Mark before this gen...

  • Stephen Peacock
    Stephen Peacock

    Don’t need to watch it. Golf gti as the bmw is fugly. The front end is a joke. Agreed the golf front is boring

  • LosBarrel

    The new Golf looks like Covid depression.

  • M Lee
    M Lee

    Is it me or has Volkswagen raised there prices significantly in this model year. Both the R and Gti versions, even worse they are also saving costs by going down market. The non intuitive entertainment system is a showstopper.

  • burso83

    Matt, you have not done your homework 🙈 Currently 128ti comes with the Pro package as standard, means digital cockpit and larger screen. Also with regards to the boot, the floor is not removable, but you can fold it away, so technically works the same as having a removable floor.

  • Billy Matson
    Billy Matson

    Gti owner, have rubber mats and a manual. I can’t count the number of times my foot slips off the clutch when my feet are wet.

  • M4tthias22

    GTI 7.5 Performance pack. The mk8 Gti interior 🤮

  • Dimitris Danakourtis
    Dimitris Danakourtis

    GTR is just overpriced and not worth it. BMW on the other hand is exactly what we say “ you get what you pay “. For real I don’t know what Volkswagen thinks when she sets price tags on their “fast” cars..

  • Dj Eli Shane
    Dj Eli Shane

    Only one VW interests me and that is the 7R❤️😎💥🔥👌

  • Alexandru Maran
    Alexandru Maran

    You need a manual. Wtf

  • Auto Social UK
    Auto Social UK

    Very interesting as a VW girl and someone who likes to hate on BMW I can’t argue with a single point. The only thing is; I have been with someone pushing a TI to its limits and it doesn’t seem to like it very much over a longer period of time. Hats off to BMW for creating a great drivers car, VERY cool that VW went back to offering manuals!

  • Heredot 34
    Heredot 34

    You'd better add the test fuel values ​​of the vehicles

  • Jerry Simpson
    Jerry Simpson

    Hmmmm people still buy all this gas pollution cars?