760hp AMG EQS & other NEW electrified AMGs revealed!
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We’ve got some news petrolheads… AMG is going ELECTRIC! But wait, don’t click out the video just yet! It’s not all bad news…

It’s no surprise that AMG is starting to increase its electric offering. Almost every manufacturer is planning to release a host of electric cars over the next few years, given the new regulation changes coming in the next few years. Not only that, but brands like Tesla are proving increasing popular, so it makes sense for AMG to join the party.

But it’s fair to say though that they’re going to start off with a bang! Due to be revealed later this year is the hybrid AMG GT 4-door, which AMG has confirmed will produce over 800hp and about 1000Nm of torque!!

And that’s just for starters. An AMG edition of the EQS is due out sometime next year, along with a hybrid edition of the AMG C63!

The question is, are AMG too late to capture your interest over class-leaders such as the Porsche Taycan or Audi RS e-tron GT? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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  • alex luke
    alex luke

    S73e will be the mark of the top S-class

  • Bretbunde

    AMG’s have crossed his eyes!

  • Sandor Varga.
    Sandor Varga.


  • Don Elmediterraneo
    Don Elmediterraneo

    Mercedes-AMG EQE 63 450kW 612 PS Mercedes-AMG EQE 63 SUV 450kW 612 PS Mercedes-AMG EQS 63 450kW 612 PS Mercedes-AMG EQS 63 SUV 450kW 612 PS Mercedes-AMG EQS 73 560kW 761 PS Mercedes-AMG EQS 73 SUV 560kW 761 PS

  • idebski

    Audi Etron RS all day and any day

  • rong Yao
    rong Yao

    Yeah that A45S is in sane then you got the big Mercedes AMG G63It’s just bizarre that G just goes berserkThe G wagon has so much horsepower 585 hp Waymore talked in the A45S it’s got 850 new to meters a talk

  • Daniel O'Brien
    Daniel O'Brien

    As soon as I heard about the C63 I nearly threw my phone in anger

  • Nathan Alder
    Nathan Alder

    I think they should just shift entirely electric because a 2L 4 cylinder c63 is an insult to the name

  • Abi Raam
    Abi Raam


  • N A
    N A

    Why the f*** so many ads? 🤬 now unsubscribing

  • Praneeth

    *iam Emma Watson*

  • Sammy Choi
    Sammy Choi

    I didnt know matt was cross eyed

  • Sebastian Daniels
    Sebastian Daniels

    Mercedes, 761hp isn't ENOUGH!

  • BA19ARC074 Alla Revanth
    BA19ARC074 Alla Revanth

    Latest Mercedes models all look ugly for me, except some models look ok

  • RU4AT

    The 53 amgs are hybrids

  • Chie Nghipandulwa
    Chie Nghipandulwa

    So an A45S is seriously fast hey

  • Elizabeth Orji
    Elizabeth Orji

    Yay!! No more fake exhausts

  • Boog Boog
    Boog Boog

    I'm sure the local substation produces lots of potential electrical horsepower it is also deeply uninteresting just like leccy cars

  • Matic Bedenik
    Matic Bedenik

    I don't understand how many retarded people lives in this world Electric cars produces massive amount of Co2 just in the production line.

  • Harith's

    Tune up company will slowly died.. they either find another thing to do or sell weird bodykit..

  • LifeWithYogi

    Doesn't matter how fast the car is.... you can't beat the lovely sound of V8, V10 or V12. AMG with four cylinder is not AMG 🤦‍♂️☹

  • Danijel Loncar
    Danijel Loncar

    Audi Q4 e-tron test?

  • obs1dian _01
    obs1dian _01

    Surely emission regulations don't have to apply to ALL new cars, I mean let us have at least SOME cool cars? :|

  • Maximus Me Metuit
    Maximus Me Metuit

    Ugly as hell

  • 닥코남

    Don't hesitate to buy the AMG version!!

  • Aina

    Aston Martin vintage and Dbs use Amg engin ?? 😮

  • Pranav Duddi Seshadri
    Pranav Duddi Seshadri

    Can’t wait for M to join the electric party


    Hello from the Philippines, love the way this was presented.

  • Joe Metcalfe
    Joe Metcalfe

    I’ve stopped drinking aswell but I still drink wine and beer

  • Dylan OverTime
    Dylan OverTime

    What a time to be here on Earth

  • Muhammad Arif
    Muhammad Arif

    plz matt make a video about those super sports suvs that beat sports cars and can also drift like drift cars plz matt. plz

  • Muhammad Arif
    Muhammad Arif

    plz matt make a video about those super sports suvs that beat sports cars and can also drift like drift cars plz matt. plz

  • TheAverageJoe

    Is mat cross eyed?

  • Circuit Breaker
    Circuit Breaker

    I wonder what that new C63 will sound like 🤢 Don't they know that AMG enthusiasts are not only looking at horse power numbers and acceleration times, but also they like the sound of that V8????? Otherwise they would get a Tesla P100d. That's not a good move, AMG.

  • Pure Heart
    Pure Heart

    Just in case you don’t know what SUV stands for ( Sport Utility Vehicle). My 13 year old car is needing an upgrade, (anyone kind enough to buy me one, when they win the lottery it would be much appreciated, thank you in advance) I’m checking out which one will be useful for my needs, as a used one. Prices of brand new cars are getting more and more ridiculous! Electric cars sound good to go until you hear of the prices.


    Nice explain 👍

  • name last name
    name last name

    That new c63 looks ugly asf wauw

  • name last name
    name last name

    Emissions is one of the biggest hoax on earth. Just a money quest. Follow the dollar.

  • Jef Damen
    Jef Damen

    Nose of the EQ's are ugly

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh

    Where does the electricity powering these cars come from 😭😂

  • Ая Ержанова
    Ая Ержанова


  • Najeeb Sheikh
    Najeeb Sheikh

    The S-Class doesn't compete with the Taycan/Model S/eTron GT, the E-Class does, so you have to wait for the EQE AMG for the proper competitor to current performance EVs. The regular EQE will be released sometime this year, and the AMG versions of both the EQE and EQS will probably debut by the end of this year or early next year.

  • Rylanislive YT
    Rylanislive YT

    I like the Amg Cla 45s🎗

  • Sosa Kinkos
    Sosa Kinkos

    Hate cab forward. Hate bulbous looking front ends. Hate this car


    Future looks good

  • AdamW - Karma Believer
    AdamW - Karma Believer

    An "ordinary" EQS is good for me thanks..

  • Yanano Bere
    Yanano Bere

    Can we take a moment to acknowledge this man's work ethic? He literally held us down all through the pandemic 🙌🏾🔥

  • Inderjeet Gharial
    Inderjeet Gharial

    Nooooo. We're gonna lose the legendary AMG sound

  • RespectEarned_Real

    Imagine a C63s sounding like the new A45s🤮🤮🤮...

  • Dorel Puiu
    Dorel Puiu

    Omg this shit suck

  • leonit.83


  • MrX MrY
    MrX MrY

    Wait, what? Over 400hp from only 2 liters??? That engine is not gonna last long.

  • Faiz M
    Faiz M

    BMW rtn. 👁👄👁 write that down ✍️ ✍️✍️✍️✍️

  • Moiz Inam
    Moiz Inam

    bye bye Tesla

  • Norm Hash
    Norm Hash


  • Bill

    If Mercedes are going full electric, the existence of AMG is pointless.

  • Dj Magik Mike
    Dj Magik Mike

    Is it just me or is he cross eyed in this video

  • RRC Productions
    RRC Productions

    Those small 2.0L engines will break in few years so fast….. crap engines

  • Sajjan Aryal
    Sajjan Aryal

    why at the beginning i felt like he is looking my left eye with his right eye and right eye with his left eye?

  • Hen Chicken
    Hen Chicken

    Downvote for the very clickbaity, photoshopped thumbnail that gives the impression that this is a proper review.

  • Brian Anthony
    Brian Anthony

    Wait until Brabus gets involved. The GT73 will be closer to 1100 hp if Brabus uses it's version of the V8 with 900 hp with the electric drivetrain.

    • Brian Anthony
      Brian Anthony

      Definitely saving this video to watch again and again.

  • Lan B
    Lan B

    Mat's eyes be like 👽

  • sebseb seb
    sebseb seb

    The thing with electric cars is they use parts that are from very polluting materials that are very rare, so when this whole woke bs will calm down we will be back to gas engines


    ewwww 2L 4 cylinder, it may be more jacked with hybrid thing but the v8 is something ehhhh

  • Ezz El Din Sirag
    Ezz El Din Sirag

    The new c63 with electric motors will be a beast with awd

  • AMGShintaru

    Electric hypercars are trash.

  • Owais Rafiq
    Owais Rafiq

    From AMG to EMG

  • ッΛCE

    So the new C63 will basically be called C45S

  • ッΛCE

    The new AMG GT 4 door will have 2 transmissions if you think about it

  • ッΛCE

    Mercedes/AMG needs to make an affordable Project One with a V8. Mid-rear mounted V8 BiTurbo with a monster wing 800HP, call it the One-Class lol Mercedes-AMG ONE73E 4Matic+ Zidbeh

  • Marcel E
    Marcel E

    EQS Cockpit ❤️🤩

  • ッΛCE

    ⭐️ [PETITION] ⭐️ ⭐️ [PETITION] ⭐️ ⭐️ [PETITION] ⭐️ ⭐️ [PETITION] ⭐️ A250 vs A45 E53 vs E63S RS3 vs RS5 RS6/RS7 vs E63S/GT63 vs M5/M8 (all tuned the same Stage 1 or 2 same mods) The winner from above goes against Turbo S. Start with those :)

  • Fred

    AMG is slowly turn from a brutal and masculine approach to a lefty gender bending girlyman who are very confused of what it is!

  • Artur Eff
    Artur Eff

    first build a coal powerplant in the backyard 😁

  • Becky Hamilton
    Becky Hamilton

    Either he's coked out or can't read the telepromtr o m g

  • Whayne Padden
    Whayne Padden

    Sorry total joke to still use the C63s moniker for a 4 cylinder hybrid, in fact it's criminal IMO. So the already porky C63s goes from 1750kg to probably 2000kg with the motor and battery even though 4 cylinder is lighter than V8.

  • Shashi Venugopal
    Shashi Venugopal

    No banners popped out Matt. No poppy-outy banners.

  • Aitolu

    I can't see the pop-up banners. Or is it just me? 😟

  • Xpeng Fangirl
    Xpeng Fangirl

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  • You Tube
    You Tube

    Audi e tron rs for me

  • Gene Mounce
    Gene Mounce

    I'm down for a SLS-e . That bish is purdy ! !


    This is really sad

  • AKC 96
    AKC 96

    Fuck electric amg.. V8 forever

  • ישי פלאי
    ישי פלאי

    porsche. porcshe. porsche. just porsche.

  • Yohani Gligbe
    Yohani Gligbe

    The thing that I like about Mercedes is that there’s always a huge difference between their current models and their flagship models in terms of performance. They never disappoint🤝

  • kieranhendy

    Just me who loves the crazy launch liveries on these cars?


    I wanna see that bicycle race between Mat and Yanni.

  • Victor_Von_DOOM!

    These cars are entirely too heavy nowadays

  • James Pink
    James Pink

    Would anyone like to see a 100 mtr running race between Matt and Yanni?

  • TrueDesire존

    not to be that guy but you can't just add the EV motors horsepower to the engine to get a total system output. but still impressive

  • Bradley Tebogo
    Bradley Tebogo

    I Would Like To See a Review of Mercedes Benz E 63 s

  • bzerkermustdie

    I don't care if it has 1000,000 horse power and its quite! They can keep it. Thank you

  • José Rocha
    José Rocha

    I can't imagine a fuccing AMG without hes blessed V8😪😭😭

  • ||||upjidasoid

    Ev’s are not environmentally friendly, far from it. Anybody that believes that or says that to you is plain wrong. They need to understand the whole and not just the cool battery bit. Ev’s will be crucified by the green mob when the reality hits but we are far from that. Anyway still love an AMG👍whatever flavour it comes in.

  • fox gaming
    fox gaming

    I from Rassia and i love carwow

  • mrbabyhugh

    I am SURE you said Taycan beater as clickbait, now listen to me CAREFULLY. This is an UGLY totally MISSED IT car from Benz, they totally left out the Mercedes. NEXT! Audi's A6 e-Tron now that's an EV worth looking at over the Taycan, it's just not as fast. But who knows, if they decide to do S6 e-tron with more power, or even RS. But the base Taycan & A6 e-tron, I surely take the A6.

  • Pile

    it looks like a prius bruh

  • shabeeb abdul matin
    shabeeb abdul matin

    I don't know what will happen in this video. dada

  • Le Blanc
    Le Blanc

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  • Fast Cars
    Fast Cars

    Stunning !